About Me

I am a final-year student at BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus. I am currently working as a research intern at Serre Lab, Brown University and at the Chair of HPSN, Technische Universität Dresden . I am the President of the Society for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. As a part of SAiDL, I am involved in different projects, research discussion sessions, conducting and teaching for student run courses, etc.


B.E. in Electronics and Communication, 2024 [CGPA : 9.29]
BITS-Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus

Research Interests

Publications and Preprints

Diffusion Models as Artists: Are we Closing the Gap between Humans and Machines?
Victor Boutin, Thomas Fel, Lakshya Singhal, Rishav Mukherji, Akash Nagaraj, Julien Colin, Thomas Serre
ICML 2023 : Oral & Poster

We, analyse diffusion models and other generative models comparing their generation ability to humans by adapting the 'diversity vs. recognizability' scoring framework from Boutin et al, 2022 as well as comapre human category diagnostic features against those derived from diffusion models.

Activity Sparsity Complements Weight Sparsity for Efficient RNN Inference
Rishav Mukherji, Mark Schöne, Khaleelulla Khan Nazeer, Christian Mayr, Anand Subramoney
MNLCP @ NeurIPS2023 : Poster

We demonstrate that activity sparsity can compose multiplicatively with parameter sparsity in a recurrent neural network model based on the GRU that is designed to be activity sparse.


  • FEB 2022 → I have been selected for the MITACS Globalink Research Internship.
  • JAN 2022 → I have been selected for the DAAD WISE 2023 Scholarship.
  • SEP 2022 → I'll be carrying out a research internship at Serre Lab, Brown University under Dr.Victor Boutin on One-shot/Few-shot Generation by Diffuision Models .
  • JUN 2022 → I'll be working as an intern at Wingify on Image to Image translation for human images.
  • MAY 2022 → I'll be working as a summer research intern at CSIR-CEERI, Chennai supervised by Dr. Madan Kumar Lakshmanan and Dr Amalin Prince A. on a project on Image and Video Enhancement and Scaling for rPPG .
  • MAR 2022 → I'll be mentoring an introductory course on natural language processing for the Center for Technical Education, BITS Goa You can find the handout for the course material here .
  • JAN 2022 → I'll be working under Dr. Swati Agarwal on Code Search, Duplicate Detection in C/C++, Pyhton and Java source code .
  • NOV 2021 → I'll be teaching an introductory course on machine learning for the Center for Technical Education, BITS Goa . You can find the repository with the course material here .


Introduction and Applications of Machine Learning - Instructor

Workshop, BITS Goa, Center For Technical Education, 2021

The course intends to help students with no experience in machine learning take their first steps in the field. We will start off with the basic Machine learning theory and look into essential tools needed for ML; libraries like numpy and pandas. Then we will proceed to teach the students about various machine learning algorithms, the maths behind it. With the help of scikit learn, the students will learn how to implement various models as well.

Natural Language Processing - Mentor

Course, BITS Goa, Center For Technical Education, 2022

This is an introductory course to natural language processing. We will cover a wide range of topics ranging from Spam, Sentiment classification to Machine Translation and Text Generation.


Comparative study of Machine Learning techniques in Computer Vision


Built supervised (ResNet) , semi-supervised (Vanilla CNN with pseudo labelling) and unsupervised (SimCLR) models to carry out classification on STL-10 dataset and compared their functionality and effectiveness based on various parameters.


Industry Project

Developing models for carrying out Code Search and Duplicate Detection on C/C++, Pyhton and Java source code.

Natural Language Inference and Probing


Trained a BiLSTM Classifier on SNLI dataset to carry out inference and then analysed the model by carrying out probing based on POS tags.

Development of Light-Weight Time-to-contact Algorithms

Supervised Project

Building algorithms capable of achieving performance comparable to the existing state-of-the-art TTC algorithms that use only monocular RGB videos as an input, at a computational budget




A PyTorch library which packages implementations of different kinds of ViTs and methods to visualize their attention maps, and provides an easy-to-use API.

Developing ML/DL models for IoT based applications

Supervised Project

Setting up a LoRaWAN based IoT network for emergency messaging system and then using various ML/DL techniques to optimise the network and utilise it for wider purposes.